Why is fragile X syndrome called Fragile X?

Frasile means fragile. An “X” stands for a point mutation, or an error in genetic code. “Fragile” is a reminder that the condition is genetic.

Additionally, how does Fragile X syndrome affect a person?

Fragile X has been linked to learning disabilities, social behavior, and autism and other conditions. It affects memory and language skills. There is no known cure for fragile X syndrome.

What are the specific symptoms of fragile X syndrome?

Although the classic symptoms of fragile X syndrome are mild and are usually not noticed. However, children with fragile X syndrome usually have low muscle tone in all body parts. These children often have a large head, a large jaw and mouth, and a long face. They may talk softly and have a slower, heavier gait.

Consequently, what is another name for fragile X syndrome?

fragile X syndrome

Herein, how did Fragile X syndrome get its name?

The term fragile X syndrome is a shortened version of the condition, FXS is considered FXS is a chromosomal defect. The syndrome is caused by an abnormal mutation and is the result of a loss of FMR1 protein. The affected gene gives the child a greater chance of developing autism and intellectual disability.

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