Who was the best Confederate general?

General Robert E. Lee

Who was in charge of the Confederate Army?

Philip H. Sheridan (June 14, 1831 – April 9, 1888) (often called “Sherman of the West”) was an American Civil War military leader, known for his leadership of Union forces in the American Civil War, most notably during the Overland Campaign and the Battle of Atlanta.

Who was the highest ranking Confederate officer killed in the Civil War?

J.E.B. Stuart

Who was the most successful Union general?

Ulysses S. Grant

Who was the greatest military strategist?

General Antoine Christophe de Bonneval’, ‘(aka: Charles Antoine ) (18 August 1749 – 19 August 1843), better known as Antoine Christophe de Bonneval, was a French General.During his thirty years of service in the

Why did Robert E Lee fight the south?

General Lee led three of the most famous battles of the American Civil War The First Battle of Bull Run (Manassas) in July 1861 (1 July the Second Battle of Bull Run). During the War, General Lee had a prominent role as a commander on both sides of the Confederate offensive and defensive strategy.

How many Confederate generals were killed in the Civil War?

The casualties on both sides were very large during the American Civil War, with an estimated total of more than 620,000 Americans killed and 1,100,000 in wounded. Of these deaths, about 150,000 died as a result of the actions of individual Union or Confederate soldiers.

Why did the Union win the Civil War?

There were two reasons the Union won the Civil War. Its Army was well funded and its navy was larger. The US Army was the most flexible and used a lot of men. The Confederates relied on a small army and a very small navy, which led to a poor campaign.

Who led the South in the Civil War?

The Civil War was a conflict between the states of the United States for independence from the United States, leading to the dissolution and founding of the Confederate States of America. The South was led by the Democratic Party, while the Northern states were led by the Republicans.

How many generals were killed at Gettysburg?

The most famous general at Gettysburg was General George Meade. There were also 539 officers killed, 761 wounded, and 880 missing or captured. A total of 2335 officers in all arms were killed or mortally wounded.

A case can be made that Jefferson Davis was among the Who was the best military strategist of the civil war?

The answer to the question as stated is yes. Jefferson Davis was a very good military strategist.

Who was the youngest Confederate general?

William B. Taliaferro

Why did the South fight the Civil War?

Confederate states that formed south of the so-called “slaveholding states of the US” wanted to continue a union with slave states by seceding (“seceding”), an option allowed by the federal constitution. This became known as the Confederate States of America.

What were the Confederate soldiers fighting for?

The Confederate States of America was a state formed from the secession of eleven Southern states from the United States (Virginia, Florida, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Florida). After seceding, the southern states established their own governments and were called Confederate States of America from 6 April 1861 until the end of military operations on 9 April 1865.

Likewise, who had better generals in the Civil War?

General James Longstreet

Why did the South have better generals than the North?

In the history of the Civil War, there were many Union generals who were not very good at keeping their soldiers alive and didn’t have a clue how to fight a war. While Confederate generals were no better, their generals had the edge over Union generals at keeping their men fed and fighting.

Do generals fight?

General officers are senior military officers above General officers and above, i.e. Colonel in the army. They usually command a large division or brigade or command a corps. They can command an army, a group of armies, or a national guard.

Who was the most important general in the Civil War?

Winfield Scott Hancock: The hero general. The most well-known was Confederate general Robert E. Lee who commanded troops for the Army of Northern Virginia. He managed to stop the Union army from reinforcing the Confederate capital, Virginia, but in the end the Confederate armies were destroyed. His brother, Colonel Walter Hill Hancock, received the highest Confederate military decoration for gallantry.

Also Know, who was the worst union general?

General Tom Griffith, who helped the Army’s black soldiers during the American Civil War and afterward, was the worst general, and there was no honor among thieves.

Who was the Confederate leader?

General Robert E. Lee,

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