What is wheel Snipe Celly?

Wheel Snipe Celly is a drug also known as Cocaine. The drug is generally a white or amber powder is. It belongs to the opioid group of drugs and has sympathomimetic activity that can cause euphoria similar to the opiates.

What is rip slang for?

Rip is a slang term for a quick, impulsive answer.

What does Celly mean in lacrosse?

Celly is a play word commonly used in the game of lacrosse. Celly can be used as a substitute word for hell or cuz or as a catchall slang word.

What does snipe mean in Letterkenny?

Snipe (2) means a hunter in Letterkenny, and in the UK it refers to a “muntjac” or a “red deer”.

What is Schmelt?

Shmelt is an old German (Alsatian) family name. Meaning: “The Shmelt family lived in Trier for many generations. Shmelt is a nickname for someone who works in a restaurant kitchen. (From a Yiddish word meaning “scone”)

What is a Ferda girl?

Ferda girls are German female factory workers are employed on a company.

Who is Shoresy in Letterkenny?

John Shoresy is the main protagonist of Letterkenny with his best friend Michael D. Brady, while Brady’s older brother Brian Brady plays a supporting role as Michael’s long-time friend and best friend. Shoresy was born in Ballyshannon. On Christmas day 2013, his mother died and Shoresy’s brother, Brian, was arrested in a police sting and faces charges.

Also, what does crush a Sando mean?

We all know Sando for his music, but what does it mean? A Sando is a person’s natural strength and will that gives them the power to lead a life that respects both self and others.

What does PC mean in Letterkenny?

A Personal Computing is a computer used for entertainment, education, marketing, and business purposes.

What does dangle Snipe and Celly mean?

Snipe in the British, the American and Canadian game of darts is to aim from below (dangle) to throw a dart above the rim. “Snipe” also describes a dart thrown from above; and that’s the kind we have at the British Pub.

What is a Chel?

Celastrus parvifolius (Celastropsylla) – The plant is also known as chel. The genus it belongs to is the same as the genus Cucurbita, which includes cucumbers, pumpkins, gourds and melons.

What’s a dirty dangle?

Dangle – a word used in the stockbroking to describe shares held a short-selling option by clients. A short-seller is a person or group of investors who buy a stock and then sell it at a later date for a profit. They take short positions in stocks that they think will fall in value.

What is Wayne’s last name on Letterkenny?

Wayne is an old fashioned western name derived from the Old English for “wand hunter”.

What does snipe mean in hockey?

If you want to learn where the snipe will come, or what team’s sniping is best, I can’t be more help than that.

Also question is, what does Ferda mean Letterkenny?

It’s a character in Letterkenny. He was in the hockey team in High school.

What is a dirty dangle?

Pronounced “dahn-ell”. The term refers to an object or material that has been touched by more than one other object during its time. On the other hand, a clean dangle consists of no more than one object.

Did Letterkenny get Cancelled?

Letterkenny was renewed for Season 12.

Who is Shoresy?

He was the main antagonist of the series Shoreline and has appeared in all the episodes up to S4.

What does it mean to do rips?

A rip (rips? ), also known as a tear, is a long, thin break in the material of a garment.

What is a dry rip?

A rip is a very common slang term for stealing, especially the intentional theft of something that belongs to someone else. A “dry rip” in the real world means a theft from a store without the use of force, usually as a pickpocket.

What is a Sando?

A sando is a small sandwich with a slice of bread (or two slices) and a slice of cheese, often spread with jam. A slice of cheese is also sometimes added. Sandos are one of the most popular snacks in Sweden and are most commonly served in snack bars and convenience stores.

Also, what does wheel Snipe Celly boys mean?

The term ” wheel snipe” is actually an allusion to an owl species of the genus Aegolius. It refers to a bird that flies around at night with its eyes closed and a white circle on its neck.

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