What is a Proctopexy?

A proctopexy is a type of surgery used to repair prolapsed rectum and anus.

What does colostomy mean in medical terms?

Colic stoma is a surgical implantation of a bowel to create a stool passage. Also called colonic output or colonic output. Colostomy is a surgical procedure in which part of the colon is connected to the intestine outside the anus. Colostomy usually refers to any type of stoma.

How does a colonoscopy work?

A colonscopy is used to examine your digestive tract. Colonscopy uses a tube called the scope to look inside your large intestine (colon) from the inside. The procedure lets us look at any problems you may have with the inside surface of the large intestine or rectum.

Why is a colostomy bag used?

Colostomies are used when a segment of the colon is diseased or has been removed (for example, a bowel resection). The remaining colon is then reconnected via an alternative route, such as a stoma (an artificial connection to the outside of the body). Colon cancer patients often die within a few years of a colon resection.

Secondly, what does Stomatomycosis mean?

What is stomatomycosis? The fungus that causes this is the fungus called S. schenckii. The infection most commonly occurs in the mouth, causing white patches on the tongue and palate, and can be transmitted by direct or contact with infected material.

What is Cholemesis?

Ostealgia surgery is when your ureter is pulled through to the ileum (the small intestine). The ureter is the tube that moves urine (called the urinary tract in medical terms) from the kidneys through the urinary bladder out of the urethra into the body. The section is usually on the right side of the pelvis.

Herein, what is a Colotomy?

What it is? A colotomy is a surgical procedure that involves excising the end of the colon, where a tumor is located. This type of surgery is sometimes performed when a tumor is found in the rectum.

Similarly one may ask, what does Dentalgia mean?

Which disorder is the most common cause of dental pain?

Oral cellulitis is a cause of acute pain in the mouth and/or cheeks. It occurs in older people and young people and typically disappears spontaneously. Oral thrush is another major cause of acute dental pain and toothaches.

What is the medical term meaning a loss of sensation or feeling?

Peroneal neuropathy (fibular or fibular neuropathy) is a common result of a compression nerve injury to the leg (L4, L5). Symptoms can include numbness and tingling in the foot, a loss of sensation in the thumb and first finger, as well as weakness or atrophy of the muscles in the leg.

What is Caudalward?

The caudalward flow or caudalward pull of blood in the heart results in backward flow (caudalward) and forward flow (cranialward) of blood in the vessels. It is a pumping process of the heart that allows blood to go from the lower half of the body to the upper half.

What does Erythrocytopenia mean?

Erythrocytopenia is a condition in which a person’s red blood cell count is low. People typically become anemic if their red blood cells die, bleed out, or do not form normally (fail to make normal numbers of red blood cells), or if too many bone marrow cells die (aplastic anemia).

What is a surgical incision into the colon?

A surgical incision in the lower rectum or sigmoid colon, known as “sigmoidoscopy,” is a short-term test. It is performed with a lighted, thin tube (sigmoidoscope) that’s inserted into the bowel. You may feel a bit of discomfort in your rectum.

What is the term Cheilocarcinoma?

A cheilocarcinoma is a cancer tumor of the mouth and lips. If the tumor is on the upper side of the mouth, it is referred to as a cheek cancer. It may also be referred to as a mouth cancer. It may form within a personĀ“s gums.

What is a colostomy operation?

What is the operation of a temporary Colostomy? In the context of a colostomy procedure, a temporary colostomy is an operation that the surgeon performs in preparation for a surgical procedure, e.g. when a cancerous colon is removed. A permanent colostomy is often performed at the same time as a colorectal removal.

Are colostomy bags permanent?

A permanent colostomy comes with some benefits of the temporary type. However, the benefits depend on the cause of the colostomy. A new permanent colostomy can become a chronic wound for up to 24 months.

What does duodenum mean in medical terms?

DUODENUM, is the tenth portion of the duodenum into which jejunum branches, forming the duodenum. Anatomically and histologically, the small intestine’s villi are a feature similar to the large intestine.

What is a colectomy surgery?

Colectomy surgery is used to remove colon, or a part of the colon. People with colon cancer have this surgery to remove part of the colon. It is not to be confused with colectomy, which refers to the removal of the entire colon.

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