What happened to Jenni Rivera plane?

The plane suffered a small fire in the engine and crashed near Paraiso, Mexico, two days after the singer took off from Los Angeles to perform at a Mexican music festival, where she was to celebrate her 40th birthday. “Jenni was performing in Mexico when the accident happened”, Parra said, without providing information on how the singer died.

How old was Jenni Rivera when she died?

45 years old

Who owns Jenni house?

In 2006 Jenni Rivera purchased the house for $1 million. The house has a guest house behind it and about a dozen other homes and buildings she owns with her company, Jenni Rivera LLC.

What Mexican singer died in a plane crash?

The tragic accident took place on Friday, January 11th 2020. The aircraft was a military Boeing 737-300 aircraft, which according to a statement from the Mexico’s federal government, crashed in the town of Pichicayal near a small airport in the Mexican state of Guerrero.

Where is Jenni Rivera buried?

Los Angeles, California, USA

What high school did Jenni Rivera go to?

Univision High School in North Chicago.Jenni Rivera was a 17-year-old freshman when the school opened in 1993. She attended until sophomore year of high school when she took a year’s break and she continued with The University of Northwestern (Chicago).

Who is Jenni Rivera’s sister?

Is Jenni Rivera’s full name J. Rivera? Jenni Rivera is one of the most famous Mexican-American singers of her generation. She is the daughter of famous Mexican singers Gilberto and Margherita Rivera.

What size was Jenni Rivera?


Who was Jenni Rivera married to?

Johnny Rivera

Did Jenni Rivera go to college?

The early years of Jenni Rivera’s childhood were marked by poverty. Jenni’s family was poor. Although she had a lot of interest from many prestigious universities, she had no college degree. Jenni began her studies while still in school, and this caused her to work while studying for over one decade.

Furthermore, how did Jenni Rivera die?

It was on November 20, 2012 that the 31 year-old singer, entertainer, recording artist and businesswoman died. The cause was drowning after she slipped while swimming in a pool at her ranch in Los Angeles.

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