What genre is Some Like It Hot?

Comedy Western

Who is the only actor in Some Like It Hot who was nominated for an Oscar?

Joe Mantell

What was the hotel in Some Like It Hot?

Some Like It Hot (1959) stars Doris Day, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon. In this comedy, Tony Curtis falls in love with an attractive brunette (Day) when he accidentally drops her on a boat that is sailing across the Atlantic.

Who wrote some like it hot?

Some Like It Hot (1985) is a film that blends different genres into one cohesive whole. Set in Las Vegas, the story follows two women on separate dates that both end badly. In the end, the pair become a couple. Written by Lawrence Kasdan and Barry Bloom, with a screenplay by Bloom, this action comedy became a hit at the box office.

Did Marilyn Monroe sing some like it hot?

So a number of Marilyn is said to have used. Monroe reportedly sang in the lounge on her honeymoon with the singer Russ Bamonte. Bamonte said the young actress could sing like a female vocalist with a jazz band or a male vocalist with a band.

DID SOME LIKE IT HOT win an Oscar?

Hollywood actors have not yet embraced blackface in films, although there have been exceptions such as Robert Fonda’s blackface satire Supercop (1990), and Chris Tucker’s 1995 hit Friday. However, a black actor has won an Oscar for acting in a blackface role or for an adaptation of a novel or play where the character has a blackface past.

What room did Marilyn Monroe stay at the Hotel del Coronado?

Room 5062

What was Marilyn Monroe’s character’s first name in the film Some Like It Hot?

Harriet (Marilyn Monroe)

What is the theme of Some Like It Hot?

The overall theme of Some Like It Hot is one of sexual repression that makes all these men, women, and couples try to break social conventions.

Why is Some Like It Hot in black and white?

Black and white film, although less common today than the Technicolor process before, still has a place in the film genre. Black and white film has been used successfully to present the story of a person who wishes to appear “different” from the society, in relation to this genre see Chaplin, Lang and Marnoiţă.

In this regard, is there a Colour version of Some Like It Hot?

The Color (1958).

Did Marilyn Monroe sing Diamonds are a girl’s best friend?

“Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” was performed on a national television show in 1952. It is the only known version of the song. Diamonds was also performed on The Andy Williams Show and The Mike Douglas Show in the 1950s.

What is the last line in Some Like It Hot?

The last line in Some Like It Hot is spoken by the waiter.

What movies were filmed at the Hotel del Coronado?

The Hotel Del Coronado was the backdrop for many notable films, including: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, True Romance, Gone with the Wind, The Apartment, Meet the Parents, When Harry Met Sally, Back to School, Groundhog Day, The Golden Stairs, Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s Thirteen, Casino Royale, The Man with Two Bodies and many more.

Why is Hotel del Coronado famous?

The Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado, California, the oldest continually operating hotel on the continent is one of only a handful in the world that have been continuously opened for business for 175 continuous years. Hotel Del Coronado. There is an old saying that it’s impossible to spend a day in Coronado without seeing the ocean. Hotel Del Coronado is located directly on the beach.

Who played the bellhop in Some Like It Hot?

Billy Raymond I don’t think this was a real movie. It would have been a great idea to change the title.

Does Netflix have some like it hot?

Netflix has a free streaming service called Prime Instant Video. The “like it” version of Prime Instant Video is much cheaper at $9.99 a month per account. The original service comes with a $8 per month trial. For both versions of the service, you can watch as many episodes as you want (or as many as the service allows) as long as you pay.

What instrument does Jerry play in Some Like It Hot?

Jerry sings or plays the trumpet, harmonica, tenor sax and clarinet during the film. He is also seen playing banjo and guitar in many scenes.

Is some like it hot on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to live TV. The streaming service added four new networks to its original catalog: ABC, BET, CBS All Access, and Freeform. They all have their own dedicated shows and series.

Who is the protagonist in Some Like It Hot?

Joey Prince

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