What does Flex mean on a floor plan?

Most of the Flex Plan floor plan options are available to any type of construction and many are available to all types, including stick-built construction, freestanding construction, modular construction, and traditional construction.

How much is a flex wall?

Depending on which one is made out of, you can get as flexible a wall as 15mm plastic. You really couldn’t get it any better. They’re also usually the most durable material you can buy for such a cheap price. If you pay attention, they will make the best flex walls for any project.

What do you do with the extra space in a master bedroom?

Do you have a tiny space? Take a peek. It’s easy to overlook the extra space in your bedroom, but it’s there when you need it the most! It’s easy to create a cozy nook in a bedroom that not many of us want to step foot in. If you already have a tiny or small bedroom, creating an oasis or hideaway in your room is easier than you think.

What’s a flex wall?

There are two main types of construction for a flex wall, concrete and drywall. Drywall has many advantages over more traditional materials, including: versatility of fabrication (concrete is only a wall material); increased design options; and lower construction costs.” Flex wall is a pre-made wall that has a similar look to concrete panels and drywall..

Can a flex room be a bedroom?

Yes. Flex areas are an office, lounge room or bedroom. A small flex area is a small room in a larger room like a study or home office. The rule of thumb is that the total storage space must not exceed 25% of the total square feet of the floor area, divided by the number of bedrooms, if the flex area is used as a bedroom.

What is Flex Retailspace?

Retail space in Flex. Flex retail space is available for rent in multiple ways in Flex.

Thereof, what does flex room mean?

A flex room (sometimes called a flex bay ) is a storage unit located in a garage or other building designed to store your belongings while you are away, such as taking a vacation. These storage units can fit up to 15 different things (e.g. suitcases and golf equipment).

What can I do with my spare room in my apartment?

Another thing you can do with your spare room? Make it extra room in your apartment. If you rent a room in your home, you have every right to feel like you’re living in a tiny room if you don’t want to. If possible, move your bed and furniture around to maximize the space. The space left will create a bigger living space.

What is a converted bedroom?

A converted bedroom is often created in a way to create a space which is different from the one intended. Often this means simply removing furniture from the room and creating a completely new space. Some examples of converted spaces are:

What can I do with spare rooms in my house?

For example, an attic space isn’t usually used for much, but if it was a bedroom, it could come in very handy for a spare room. A bedroom or study space is the perfect place to keep your things safe, while being located within easy reach of your main living space.

What can I turn my living room into?

To transform an existing room, start with the existing elements: moldings, chair covers, curtains, doors, baseboards and lighting. Once you have the basics in place, start playing with the space.

What does condo conversion mean?

Covert refers to conversion into an apartment or dwelling house. What does a condo convert mean? A condominium is a type of building where units share certain characteristics and have common areas, like parking and a common roof. A condo conversion usually means that the owner intends to convert their home to a new residence.

What is a flex suite?

A flex suite is an app or feature-rich app designed as “flexible” or “flexible” mobile app or website. It has several features that can be accessed within a single app with minimal effort, compared to standalone apps that require a lot of effort to change the look and feel.

Why is it called a bonus room?

When your basement expands, or your living space expands, you’ll be more interested in making room you call a bonus room. When you put a room where it doesn’t necessarily need to be, it’s called a bonus room. Think of it as an extra room for extra rooms!

What can I do with a small bonus room?

It is called a bonus room or a family room because it is intended specifically for those family gatherings and occasions that are so important to people. A perfect example of this is an extension in a home you would use for a family room, while the home itself makes it more suitable for other uses.

Herein, what is a flex room used for?

A Flex or variable room is a type of conference room that can be divided into several smaller meeting areas, each with its own electrical panel. Unlike multipurpose rooms and work stations, Flex rooms can be configured as an event or meeting room, a lobby, a private meeting area, or a general conference room.

Likewise, what does a flex apartment mean?

A flex apartment is a multi-unit dwelling that gives the tenants rights to a shared garden, shared parking and other communal facilities. Flex-apartments also allow tenants to sub-let their apartments, but they must do so on a case-by-case basis and cannot own multiple units.

What is flex property type?

When you set the flex property to one of its values (none, flex, or more), a box is created. box is the default value, but the value of the flex property can vary from the box property. The resulting child is the only child element in the flex container.

What is a convertible apartment?

A convertible is a type of mortgage where you can convert your fixed or variable rate loan into a fixed rate mortgage if you’re not happy with the current interest rate. A fixed rate would be an option in that instance, and a variable rate would be a loan without one.

What is a flex two bedroom?

A flex bedroom is a room that can be modified into a bedroom. You can choose where you sleep, just like a modular home. They’re basically just like the rooms you already have, apart from the floor plan.

How do you fill an empty space in a living room?

One way is with the white filled space in the seating areas. Remember the white space by filling the empty areas with candles and flowers; this will help your living room feel bigger and livelier. If you prefer soft textures rather than vibrant colors or high-energy objects, use a neutral bedspread.

How much does it cost to flex an apartment?

The average cost of a flat/apartment to rent is about $1,000 a month, according to rental sites like Zumper. There are a few factors that affect the price you pay: the size of the apartment, the cost of utilities, the neighborhood and other amenities.

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