What does Erykah Badu do?

In 2005, she released her album, P. The music video for the song “Comfortable” was nominated for Best Original Song at the 50 BET Awards. The Erykah Badu Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 1994, serves to empower the cultural community and promote the growth and development of this beautiful gift.

Did Erykah Badu attend college?


Erykah Badu attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. with high hopes of becoming a physician, but found it difficult to focus on her course work because of her musical aspirations. Her time in college is documented through the autobiographical album Baduizm in 2006.

49\\xa0years (February 26, 1971) What is Erykah Badu race?

White: is an American American singer, songwriter and rapper.

How much does Erykah Badu weigh?

As of June 2012, Erykah has not taken any physical steps to lose weight. Although she’s probably a size six, she looks way lighter in her music videos and she actually weights more than her size would indicate. However, she is not actually obese! She wears size six in her music videos and she’s not that tall either.

How rich is Mary J Blige?

The total net worth of Mary J. Blige, Actress: Growing Up in America is approximately $80 million.

What is Queen Latifah worth?

Queen Latifah net worth. Queen Latifah is an American Actress. Queen Latifah has a net worth of $15 million. Queen Latifah made her film debut in In Living Color. Queen Latifah worked in In Living Color from 1990 to 1992.

What’s Erykah Badu real name?

Erykah Badu. It’s simple: she just likes to live her life. From her own words, she prefers to be called “Er”. It’s both her middle name and the name of her eldest son. The name was initially used at school for her first album, The Manifesto.

Also question is, what is Erykah Badu known for?

Erykah Badu

What sign is Erykah Badu?

The hexagram that surrounds the sign of Ebony – known today as the Magician’s Hand – is the sign Erykah Badu’s star sign. Erykah Badu is the only known person to have her first two letters reversed in the horoscope.

Who is Erykah Badu dating now?

Erykah Badu was married (2004 – 2015) to rapper Common, they shared a son, Robert James. The child was named in honor of Common’s first cousin James Robert Smith, who died prematurely as the result of untreated heart disease. (January 21, 2017)

Who is Erykah Badu’s father?

Joseph Badu is Erykah Badu’s father. He is a Jamaican immigrant and also a well-known sociolinguist in the academic community.

What religion is Erykah Badu?

Erykah Badu (born October 6, 1954) is an American jazz singer. Born in New Orleans and raised in Oakland, California, Badu is a descendant of the Houmas Native American people. As a child, she enjoyed singing gospel music, and although she didn’t have an easy life, she found meaning in her experiences.

How much is Lalah Hathaway worth?

“Lalah Hathaway worth: $1.5 million.””Lalah Hathaway worth more than $6 million. Lalah Hathaway worth? $3 million.””Lalah Hathaway worth? A billion dollars”.”Lalah Hathaway is worth $22 million. An estimated $26 to $30 million for Lalah Hathaway.””Lalah Hathaway, actress and singer worth more than $30 million.”

What did common say about Erykah Badu?

The rapper was a social icon who changed the landscape of Hip-Hop by pushing the lyrical limits and redefining what it means to be a female rapper in the game.

How much is Andre 3000 net worth?

André Benjamin, (born December 25, 1975) is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and producer. As a solo artist, he has sold over 21 million albums and over 1.3 million digital singles, making him one of the best-selling rappers in the world.

What does Erykah Badu eat?

Rice and beans, black-eyed peas, mac and cheese and collards

Who dated Andre 3000?

Andre 3000. The rapper’s father Michael is a Vietnam War veteran and his mother, Linda, is a singer and dancer with the Broadway Musical Company. Andre, who moved to Atlanta as a child with his mother, was raised by her parents and attended Decatur High School and Morehouse College.

What is India Arie net worth?

India Arie net worth: $10 million

What is the net worth of Kelly Price?

Price has a net worth of around $30 million. She is considered one of the top 50 celebrities in 2019, according to Celebrity Net Worth and a member of the “billionaire list” Forbes.

How much is Beyonce worth?

Beyonce’s net worth is $200 million.

One may also ask, how old is Erykah Badu?

She was born in Philadelphia, but moved to Baltimore to live with her aunt and uncle after her parents divorced.

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