What does Demeter accept from Metaneira to drink?

Calyce’s final answer to Demeter. Demeter: I believe. You have the right, as a god, to accept any gifts that you like or don’t like, no matter how much or how little, but don’t forget that I am a goddess, I’m a Goddess.

What does Hades promise Persephone if she remains his wife?

If you will remain my wife for even just ten years, I will grant you a place in my kingdom for as long as you live.”

What does Eleusis mean?

Ere. Latin meaning “birth”, “birth”. Eleusis (Greek: [eːlˈeusiːs] (Latin spelling: Elousis, English spelling: Erebus)), also known as Myconos (Myrtos, Greek: [myrtoˈs] (Latin /ˈa?rto?s)) or Ptelea (Greek: [petraˈla]), was the name of the ancient city in the Attic region of Athens.

Why did Demeter refuse to join the gods Olympus?

At a gathering on Mount Ida, which was the home of the god Zeus, the god Hera spoke a terrible fate to Demeter. The Fates or Moai or in Greek, Olymoi – told Demeter that Hades would bring all of humanity’s misery in return for a single grain of corn from her field. If she refused, Hades himself would eat the corn.

How does Demeter find out what happened to Persephone?

The goddess Demeter, Queen of the Fields, knows that her daughter has been kidnapped by Persephone. Demeter calls her daughter, asks her to return, and when Persephone does not immediately answer asks Ixion to search for her in the underworld.

What is Demeter passionate about?

Jobs, jobs, jobs: Demeter’s passion was getting jobs. They were always trying new things to bring up new ideas and technologies. Demeter’s passion was creativity in their work.

Why is Eleusis sacred?

Aphrodite was known for her love affairs, which is why she is seen here holding her son Ares’s club. The god of war was so sacred that all female initiates were sent home without eating for seven days after being initiated into his temple.

How did Demeter get Zeus to let Persephone return to her?

Persephone was released after Demeter showed Zeus what he had done wrong by withholding the harvest and she explained to him how important the harvest is to everyone in Demeter’s world. They had to apologize and Zeus agreed to let her go.

Then, what does Demeter do while in Eleusis?


The Eleusinian Mysteries are about Demeter’s search for barley. Because the first barley was planted in spring in the month of Elaphos (April-May), we should follow Demeter and her companions through the world. For the mystery of nature and the seasons, for the mystery of plants and human life.

Regarding this, what was the name of the drink with which Demeter broke her fast?

The drink was called kratharopía (pl. kratharopidai), and this is considered to be the earliest evidence of an alcoholic drink. In later literature, kradophoria (also called kradopiones) is the general term used in all references to all types of alcoholic beverages.

Why does Demeter demand a ritual at Eleusis What is the purpose of the ritual?


The purpose of the Dionysia and its accompanying festival of the Great Panathenaea was not to ensure the safety and welfare of the state at large, but to secure that these people were a source of good fortune. It was also to ensure that their children had children who would keep the memory of the city alive.

What does Demeter want from Helios?

Demeter is the Greek counterpart to Gaia, the goddess of the Earth and mother of all life in the Greek pantheon. She represents fertility, soil, the generation of crops, the natural world and the creation of nourishment and life. Her husband, the sun god Helios, is her lover. Their children are Phytos and Keto. They are sometimes depicted as children to reflect how their relationship is the same as that of humans and the earth.

What did Demeter eat?

Like most Greeks in her era and place, Demeter and her daughter Persephone would not eat meat, but instead grew their own crops and tended to their animals. The food of gods was food from the gods.

Who was the ruler of Eleusis when Demeter arrived?


Subsequently, question is, what does Demeter instruct the people of Eleusis in after she reveals herself?

Demeter instructs the people of Eleusis in philosophy, but most importantly Demeter says that the people should take care of nature, in other words, the people should take care of nature by not harming nature.

Why does Demeter try to Demophon immortal?

Demeter’s search for a bridegroom who would please her would therefore have been influenced by a myth where Persephone is kidnapped by Hades to become his wife. She decides that she cannot spend the rest of her life on earth. She wants to see the sky and the sun, which were her realm.

What does Thesmophoria mean?

Noun. The name by which the Greeks called the annual religious festival, involving the presentation of the goddess Thesmophoroea (or Thesmophorion), which celebrates the ritual purification of the city and the return of spring after winter.

Why does Demeter go to Eleusis Why does she want to make the child Demophon immortal Why does she fail?

Because she is Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and fertility. But Demeter’s grief is so deep that she turns into madness, losing all control over her actions. Demeter is therefore banished from the earth by Zeus and punished for her misdeeds.

Who is Eleusis?

The city of Eleusis can be identified, by the Greek and English etymology, as the name of the site from where the Eleusinian Mysteries were held. The city has been identified with a number of locations, most notably Tinos, Corinth, Argos and Sparta. The city on the island of Tinos, called Βειοειδές, was later incorporated into the city of Elis.

Why does Demeter put baby Demophoon in the fire?

After the death of their father Zeus, King Cronus orders a sacrifice to be done, but Demeter and her daughter Demophoon hid the baby in the earth instead of burning them. When Cronus orders the next sacrifice, he sees the baby and Demeter appears. Cronus then decides to eat his children, and Demeter puts them back into her stomach.

How was Hades tricked by Zeus?

According Hades (her). Zeus is tricked by Hades into letting him out by turning over their power to a new god, Prometheus. Then Zeus and Hera’s anger against the king of the underworld led them to trick Hades and trick Zeus and trick them into an agreement to overthrow him. This way they tricked Hades because Zeus was the oldest god Zeus is not angry with Hades. He has done nothing wrong.

What does Demeter symbolize?

Demeter (γΔωμέθη) was a Theban divinity of agriculture, associated with the harvest of crops, nature, the goddess in Greek religion.

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