What does closeness rating mean?

The closeness rating is a measure of how much stock the trader is paying for, relative to the size of the order. The score reflects this by assigning a number from 1 to 10 as a measurement for the distance to the best bid and offer for every single second of a trade.

What are the five basic types of charts?

A type of chart for which data visualization is useful in general.

What is an I chart in Six Sigma?

An I chart or Impact Chart is a tool used in process improvement, Six Sigma and business management to get a better understanding of how changing a particular factor will affect the overall process performance.

What is travel chart?

Traveling is an activity that requires planning. A travel chart helps you chart a route so you don’t end up at a specific place. It’s like a map. Think of it as a road or a path. Maps have a path you choose to travel by, but travel charts have a path you choose.

How do I create a UML activity diagram in Visio?

As described above, the general process of the activity diagram is the following: Click on “Create Activity Diagram,” then choose “Choose from current Visio diagrams”. Find the application diagram you want to add to the activity diagram that you created. Click. From the “New” box, click on the check box (green arrow).

How do you create a chart?

How to create a chart with Excel. The Excel chart bar type is usually used to represent data as a series of individual or aggregate values. To create a bar chart, you need at least 3 data values for each item on the chart. Use the 3-D view to adjust the range on the axis.

What is moving range?

Moving range is the range of movement in a specific direction. For example, the vertical range is the distance your arms can reach in the vertical direction in front of you.

What is space relationship diagram?

What is a space relationship diagram? A space diagram is a graphic diagram used to explain or describe how objects are organized. One of the most common examples of a space diagram is a physical space (a room, a classroom, or a house) or its furniture or fixtures (e.g. beds, chairs, tables).

What is SLP in facility planning?

SLP is a term generally used in the construction industry – it is applied in the design of facilities to identify, locate, and dimension all objects, devices, and fittings that will be used in their use to fulfill a specific purpose.

How do I create a chart in Excel 2010?

To create charts in Excel 2010, you go the Insert Menu and then the Objects Group. The objects are divided into two categories. The first are the standard, built-in objects, which include the data table, data range, pie chart, bar chart, and line chart.

Furthermore, what are the 16 types of chart?

Chart types Chart type are either fixed or floating. A fixed chart can be resized. a floating chart can be scrolled.

How do you make an activity relationship chart in Excel?

Click the Create new chart from the main chart pane or select Insert > Chart from the main menu. Add the X-axis for each chart by clicking the column header and enter a name in the Name text box. Next, add the categories for the chart by clicking the category column header and entering its name in the text box next to the name.

What is a flow ch?

Flow chiller. A flow chiller is a machine that reduces the temperature of its surrounding env to the desired temperature. Flow chillers are very effective in industrial and commercial cooling systems. A simple example would be a fridge.

Similarly, what is a from to chart?

What is the relationship between the number of cases and the number of days? If a number of cases increases by one each day, the number of days can be found by using the formula: Days + 1 = Case count.

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