What did Hans Rosling die of?

Hans Rosling died in June 2019 due to lung cancer, according to The New York Times.

How can I stop being ignorant about the world?

To be ignorant is to show lack of knowledge, or to not have the knowledge required. You can have knowledge, be ignorant of how that knowledge applies to your life. You can know a lot about the universe and about life around you.

Correspondingly, when did Hans Rosling die?

Hans Rosling died of lung cancer on January 26th, 2020, aged 74.

When was Factfulness written?

The first Edition of Factfulness was released in July 2018. The book is a guide, a handbook and a history lesson for the present day. This is the first edition. The second edition will be released sometime late in 2020.

Is Hans Rosling dead?

Rosling died after a heart attack in Sweden. His death was made public in an interview with journalist Joachim Buhlund on Swedish television yesterday. He was 71.

What is the name and purpose of Rosling’s organization?

The Gapminder Foundation is a non-governmental organization to promote economic progress and social development. The organization was founded by Peter Rosling and Hans Rosling in 2006 and has more than 700 employees. The main activities of the organization focus on the “R&D Project”.

Is Hans Rosling alive?

Hans Rosling is alive.

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