What Aja means?

Aja or Aju is a type of Thai curry paste similar to a paste made from ground chiles. However, Aja doesn’t have the pungency of a “regular” Thai green chile paste that you find in Thailand.

Regarding this, what does Aja mean in texting?

The most common slang form of ‘ajo is ajo (which, itself, can be slang in different languages) or ajo, and it is a slang term meaning a little, very little. Here’s how it works in Spanish: Aja means ‘little/very little’ and ‘nothing’.

Is Aja Scrabble word?

What is Aja in Scrabble?Aj. The word is an abbreviation of an African language, and it’s in Scrabble! There are only two instances of an A aj in the official English Scrabble dictionary, but more people have used it than you would think. An aj is pronounced exactly like “aje”, with an A.

Is Jo a Scrabble word?

It’s a “one of a kind” word! “JoBobs”, a “JoBo”, “JoeBobs” and more – these are some of the words that make Jo a unique play as this word is just not in any other Scrabble book.

Likewise, what is the meaning of the name Aja?

The name Ajita means “He will do” or “Will do”. It can be shortened to Aj, Ajay, aja.

What does name Aya mean?

Greek. Aya means to know or be known, which can be used as a noun or a verb. According to the original etymology, it comes from the Greek root ae-o -e.

Secondly, is Aja a word?

Aja, which means “like a father”, is an onomatopoeia. It was used mainly in Kogi for its emotional quality rather than its meaning, and used primarily to express feelings of happiness or love.

What does Aja mean in Indian?

What does Aja means in English??Meaning. the Sanskrit word for “sky” or “heaven”. Also used for blue (Aja) – (also called Aja or Agni) “fire” or “air” (also called Aja or Indra).

Is Oja a Scrabble word?

Oja is the English language name for the plant the O jaceae which is often misidentified as the Scrabble game. oja (ő ja ) (also OJ or ÑJ).

What does AJJA mean?

Asajj means “The creator”. The AJJA, from which AJJA (“Our beloved AJA”) is pronounced, translates into English literally and means “Loved by God” or simply “Loved.” It is used to refer to God, but mostly it is used to refer to Jesus (Yeshua, or Joshua in Hebrew).

What does the name Ajah mean?

Ajah is a Semitic Arabic word meaning ‘day’. The name Ajah is of Arabic origin and was solely a male name until around 1900 AED. The name Ajah can be a nickname and was made famous as the name of a child murdered in 1915 in England. The original meaning of the name Ajah is “prism” in Arabic and the meaning of the name Ajah is “day” in English.

What do you mean by Aja?

There are several words that stand for “Opa “, but the most common include: AJAH, AHAJ, AJA, JAI, AND AJAI. For other names, you will typically have to do additional research to find your specific tribe.

Is Aja a boy or girl name?

Aja is a Danish and Arabic (Persian) name meaning “god” or “goddess”. In Danish, aja means girl. In the Arabic language, aja means woman. However, in Persian aja is not a baby girl but a female name. Notable examples of Aja in Persian are Aishah and Aisha.

How do you pronounce Aja?

In modern Hebrew, it is pronounced E-H-H. In American English, it is spelled əh, also əh in some British dialects and rh at the end of a word.

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