Is Little Elm TX safe?

It is still perfectly safe to walk and exercise in Little Elm, but the area just south of Highway 90, between the Little Elm Drive and the new Parkway, should be avoided unless necessary. It is also a good idea to check with a property manager before attempting to access your home and grounds from a different location.

Is Little Elm Beach free?

Is Little Elm Beach a no-cost beach? Although the city of Little Elm Beach offers several free attractions and even day-use beaches, the public recreation area is only a limited one, and it’s actually a restricted beach.

Similarly one may ask, is Little Elm TX a good place to live?

I would say that Little Elm is a good place to live. Little Elm is located about 20 miles north of Dallas/Fort Worth proper. However, Little Elm is also relatively close to Fort Worth so there are things to do there.

How far is Plano from Little Elm?

Little Elm, a suburb of Fort Worth in Tarrant County, is just 21.9 miles away. Plano is located on the northeast side of Dallas, which is just over an hour away by train. Plano is located in Collin County, which is the fifth most populous county in Texas.

Beside above, how far is Little Elm Texas from Dallas?

Little Elm Texas is located at 38.0472 degrees North, 97.3228 degrees West (38 degN, 97 degW).The distance from Dallas, TX to Little Elm,TX.

How far is Little Elm from Rockwall?

13 miles

How far is Denton TX from Little Elm TX?

2h 28m* (2.31 miles)

What is the population of Little Elm TX?


How far is Little Elm from Denton?

Little Elm is 15.1 miles while Denton is 20.9 miles away. The fastest route to go from Little Elm to Denton is 16.3 miles. The driving time (time in traffic) is an estimated 15 minutes. The driving distance between Little Elm and Denton is 43.1 miles.

Keeping this in consideration, is Little Elm Texas Safe?

A safe zone typically encompasses a certain area or area around the house where there is little or no traffic. Most homeowners don’t care if one or more of the properties they own are located within a designated area in the event of an emergency.

How far is Lewisville Texas from Frisco Texas?

29 miles

What is the best town in Texas to live?

Texas has the most expensive homeownership costs in the US. That means that for some, Texas homeowners need to spend a smaller percentage on the mortgage than in any other state. Other states are cheaper to live in than Texas. That’s because they generally have more low-cost housing options.

How far is Little Elm from Arlington?

Little Elm is located approximately 10 miles away from Little Elm and 6 miles away from Mansfield.

How far is Frisco from Little Elm?

The trip from Frisco to Little Elm is 2 miles along I-35. A drive along a busy freeway such as I-35 can get pretty intense. There aren’t any stop lights at either end of this 2-mile stretch, so if you’re in a hurry, you better turn on your headlights.

What is the safest place to live in Texas?

For the 2017 list of the safest places to live in the nation, the Houston Chronicle found that two suburban areas outside of Dallas-Fort Worth were among the top three most dangerous places at the bottom, but the safest community with the most crime-free zones in this state was Brenham.

What county is Little Elm TX in?


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