How many gallons is my Intex Easy Set pool?

Easy set pools have a gallon capacity of 27. The volume of water your pool occupies is 27 gallons when you use enough air for proper circulation and deep enough to cover it.

How long does an Intex pool last?

The manufacturer recommends that the pool pump runs about 80 minutes a day for 30 days, but since pool owners generally use the pool pump every day, this can easily last over a month or more.

Also know, how many gallons does an Intex Easy Set pool hold?

One Intex Easy Set pool (6.5 cubic feet) can hold about 36,000 gallons of water (1 cubic foot of water is equal to 1 gallon).

Does the Intex Easy Set pool need chlorine?

The Intex Easy Set pool and the Intex Easy Set pool can be used in chlorine-free swimming pools. All three models are chlorine ion-exchange pools. When not used with water treatment processes, the pool can be used without the addition of chlorine.

How much is a gallon of water?

If you are talking about a domestic water supply, your water bill will be about 1.6 gallons of water per day. A 20 gallon tank or 10 gallons per day per person per day (or 1 cubic meter / 1000 milliliters daily) is around 8.5 milliliters a day.

How do I calculate the gallons in my pool?

If you are using a manual pump (hand pump), the total flow rate can be calculated by simply multiplying the discharge at the nozzle by 50 and multiplying this by the pump hours used. If you are using a flow meter, you can use the flow rate at the meter and multiply it by the pump hours used.

How big is a gallon?

One gallon equals exactly 3.785 pounds.

How often should I shock my Intex pool?

Intex Pools are fully chlorinated. To maintain a sanitary set-up and safety for your pool water: Use the maximum recommended chlorine levels shown on your pool cleaning schedule. Add a small amount (about 1 teaspoon) for each ten gallons of water you add to your pool.

What chemicals do I need for my Intex pool?

The chemicals used in a swimming pool or Jacuzzi are generally the same for both applications, but the quality of the water varies depending on the source. To give you an idea, distilled water, tap water, well water, well-filtered water, rain and groundwater are just a few of the many types of water you can use for your pool.

How big is a 10 foot pool?

The 10-foot pool in The Jungle Movie (1979) is over 30 feet long and 20 feet wide.

Subsequently, question is, how many gallons is my Intex 12×30 pool?

The Intex water gauge allows for a measurement of 10 gallons per bucket. The actual usable size of a pool is between 13 and 16 feet and the recommended gallons for any pool is 10,000 gallons with a surface area of about 60,000 square feet.

How many gallons is a 10ft summer wave pool?

One 10′ pool produces enough air to fill a standard 40 x 80′ swimming pool every 12 hours, depending on the water temperature. Water circulation is achieved by pumping fresh water into the bottom of the pool from a holding tank to replace spent water or by opening sluice drains.

What does it cost to fill a pool?

The average cost to fill a swimming pool in the UK according to the latest survey is £100. This is just one example to illustrate that the cost to fill a pool can be anything between £0 and £500 per meter of pool.

How many gallons is a 16 ft round pool?

Water in Round Pools: It’s measured in gallons or cubic feet of water.

How many gallons of water is in a 24 foot above ground pool?

In a large pool (with a side length of over 14 feet) the water capacity is at least 6,500 gallons, so you can fill your pool with a large pool pump from your municipal supply. The best way to avoid wasted water is to get water from your local water company.

1,718 gallonsHow long does it take to fill a 10 foot Intex pool?

A 10 foot Intex pool with a capacity of 2,700 gallons takes approximately 4 hours to fully recharge with enough electricity to generate enough power for up to 20 hours of bathing and floating.

How much water do I put in my Intex 10×30 pool?

Fill the pool with one or two inches of water while leveling the pool walls. The water needs to be just above the level of the floor of the pool, this will help the water to stay where you want it to. This is called a static level. You shouldn’t have to fill the pool again – but this will depend on the pool type.

What is Intex pool made of?

INTEX fiberglass, used to produce the highest quality pools, is a brand that is synonymous with quality and value. With a 20 mil thickness, Intex pool material is 20 times stronger than conventional fiberglass products. Using a high-quality fiberglass resin combined with natural rubber latex creates a durable, soft, and breathable surface that is exceptionally easy to clean.

How many gallons are in a 16×48 Intex pool?

The amount of water in your pool at a specific time can be determined by multiplying the size of your pool by the amount of water (in gallons) contained inside. So if your pool is 16 feet by 72 feet and has 16,000 gallons of water, the amount would be (16 x 48) x 8000 = 640,000 gallons.

What is the best Intex pool?

The best Intex pool in 2017 is the Intex Spacious 11.2×8.1 Inch Pool with Vinyl Cover, which has received positive reviews from customers and the Better Business Bazaar.

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