How is master redundancy provided on a stacked switches?

In the Cisco Catalyst 6500, the stacking function is designed such that the devices in the stacking chain can be used in both master and slave configurations. Master redundancy on a switch is accomplished using the active/passive port configuration. In master/master port configuration mode, one device becomes the active device, while the other device becomes the passive device.

What is a chassis based switch?

A chassis switch is a router that combines multiple ethernet Ethernet ports with a single Ethernet switch. If you want to connect two different Ethernet ports across a switch, you need something between them. Ethernet hubs and switches create network segments, the area between switch ports.

Also, which option is a benefit of switch stacking?


You can’t combine the option of port trunking with both voice and POTS lines from one ISP. The benefit of adding a switch port to a single circuit is the ability to interconnect additional circuits via the switch port back to the service provider’s central office.

How can you disable DTP on a switch port?

Here is a quick way, just go to the Network and click the switchport. A new screen in the Switch Configuration Utility will allow you to disable DTP on the port (use the toggle) and enable it (click the checkbox).

What is valid reason for a switch to deny port access to new devices when port security is enabled?

An IPsec VPN, or port security, is configured on a router with multiple interfaces. A specific interface has a security association with a VPN router that uses it to communicate traffic on that interface. A router might be configured to allow all traffic (any interface) on any interface.

What is aggregate switch?

When an electric current enters a power substation, the first power transformer converts the current into an alternating current. Power transformers are used to perform voltage transformation with a ratio of 1 : 1. After the primary transformer, the circuit splits into separate legs. On each leg the voltage is reduced by a factor of 4 to 5. The result of the circuit splitting is the formation of an aggregate. The aggregate is a switchgear used to connect and disconnect the power substations to the main switch.

How many switches can be stacked?

There is no official limit for the number of Switches you can stack, but a few factors limit such configurations: The distance between any two switches must be at least 24 inches for cable management.

What is dynamic desirable mode?

Dynamic mode, in which there is at least one engine in the front wheel drive drivetrain. It allows automatic shift from 2WD drive to 4WD drive at predetermined times during cruising. Dynamic mode is the default setting of most four-wheel drive vehicles.

What is chassis technology?

Chassis Technology is when two separate but identical systems are placed in the same location, but one is hidden to the naked eye and operates in the background through the use of clever electronic tricks. One of these systems is often referred to as “control unit” and is usually the “primary” in most modern engine control systems.

Does Ethernet Switch slow speed?

The maximum data rate on the port (100 Mbps) is only equal to the maximum transmission rate (10/100 Mbps) when Ethernet switches use Fast Ethernet. When the switch uses standard Ethernet switches, the throughput is slower but more reliable.

How many 2960 switches can be stacked?

In many data centers, a few 2960 switches will be needed. However, in large data halls, an entire row of 2960 switches may be needed. Therefore, the cost per switch decreases considerably when stacking the 2960 switches.

What are two benefits of using VSS for chassis virtualization?

1). By creating your own custom virtualization software, you can set the VM as a baseline for the chassis, so when you restore the chassis to its original location, you do not need to be physically connected to each of the servers. Instead, you only have to power on the one chassis and the VM will be available to all servers in the same chassis.

Which technology provides chassis redundancy in a VSS environment?

Some hardware and software solutions provide redundancy for the chassis.

Why will a switch never learn a broadcast address?

In IP networks the purpose of the broadcast address is to signal to all devices on this subnetwork that the particular subnetwork is full (broadcast). The default broadcast address is

Which feature is automatically enabled on voice VLAN ports?

Port 25 is used to enable a port on the Virtual Switch. A typical configuration is shown: A user ports VLAN 10, IP Address The user’s IP address on the physical network is (for the sake of the example). The virtual switch (VS) port 25 is added through port 25 on the physical switch.

What are three advantages of virtual chassis technology?

The cost of setting up the platform can be reduced by up to 50% while enabling rapid deployment of services that meet IT requirements when compared with traditional physical server hosting. Virtual chassis also gives companies the flexibility they need with regard to platform choice, hardware choices, and service delivery choices.

Which benefit of Stackwise is true?

Stackwise has the power to solve problems like you can’t get them or not using them. Stackwise is great for building your stack when you can’t create it yourself. It’s also helpful when you’re missing parts.

How many 3650 switches can be stacked?

With 3650 switches in a stack you have the ability to grow to an almost unlimited size. They are stacked vertically with only 1.25″ spacing between the stack of devices, unlike stacked 10 and 20 port switches because they use only 4 to 48 of the 72 port positions.

Also asked, what is switch stacking and chassis aggregation?

What is chassis aggregation in vswitch? VSWITCH chassis stacking means that more than one chassis are interconnected to create a virtual port. As you can see, in this configuration, two vSwitches were connected in a loop and two additional interfaces to create virtual access ports, which is called vPort-to-vSwitch aggregation.

How do you stack 3750 switches?

First, you need to determine how many 3750 switches you need. For example, you could use a 12×12 matrix to provide the same amount of matrix capacity with a single 3750 series device. Next, choose the number of matrix rows needed, for example 3 x 4 = a 12 x 12 switchboard. The last step is to determine how many rows of the 3750 series switch you need to build your matrix.

How many switches can be connected to a router?

The number of Switch ports is determined by the router model. The number of ports is variable from 4 to 48. If you will be using multiple switch ports on the device, it is recommended to have a dedicated port for each device. As a rule of thumb, a switch with 48 ports should be sufficient.

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