How far is Brentwood California from San Francisco?

26 miles

Is Brentwood a rich area?

Brentwood is an upscale suburb of Los Angeles, located on top of a hill in Hollywood, California between the Studio District and Hollywood and West Hollywood. It is known as the Beverly Hills of Los Angeles. The area is famous for being in the center of the action of Hollywood and has been referred to as “Hollywood’s Beverly Hills since the 1920s”.

Is Brentwood CA A good place to raise a family?

Brentwood, CA is a popular household name known for their affluent neighborhoods and world-renowned schools. Located in western Los Angeles, Brentwood CA is a place where people from all around the world come to experience the California lifestyle. Brentwood is home to some of the most exclusive and upscale neighborhoods on southern California’s coast.

How far is Brentwood from Beverly Hills?

Brentwood is about 20.75 minutes (20.75 minutes) from Beverly Hills, California. On a scale of 5 stars, Brentwood is rated as a 5.

How far is Brentwood from Stockton?

40.02 mi

Besides, how far is Brentwood from San Francisco?

The train from San Francisco takes about 90 minutes and the journey from Brentwood is a quick 40 minutes.

What is it like to live in Brentwood CA?

In terms of price, Brentwood is a reasonably priced neighborhood where, aside from the relatively narrow and long streets, the average price per square foot is $722. This neighborhood, which sits inside the Golden Triangle, also has a relatively high percentage of homeowners who pay off their mortgages, with a home ownership rate of 97%, compared to the national average of 89.9%.

One may also ask, is Brentwood CA expensive?

What is the housing market in Brentwood-Davis? The average median home price for the neighborhood is $2,095,000, and the current sales-to-listing ratio for condos and homes in Brentwood is 47.7 percent.

How far is Walnut Creek from Brentwood?

25 miles (about 43 minutes from Brentwood to Walnut Creek), 3.05 miles (about 6 minutes from Walnut Creek to Los Altos), 6.11 miles (about 12 minutes from Walnut Creek to Mountain View), 0.55 miles (about 1 minute from Mountain View to Palo Alto), 1.11 miles (about 17 minutes from Mountain View to Menlo Park),

Is Antioch CA a safe place to live?

Despite the growth spurt and the development of new suburbs that began in the 1960s, by the late 1980s Antioch became a “small town” again, with a crime rate of around 1/2 of San Francisco’s crime. In fact, the city had one of the lowest violent crime rates in the state, and while many homes were boarded up years ago, there is still quite a lot of charm in the town.

Is Santa Monica safe?

Like much of Southern California, Santa Monica is safe in general, and it’s probably the safest place to be outside. You might notice armed guards and military personnel on duty all over town – just don’t try to cross the road while they’re patrolling!

Is Discovery Bay Safe?

Discovery Bay is an attractive, modern tourist resort with a laid back yet busy nightlife. The bay provides the best of both worlds; the natural, untouched beauty of Northern Ireland and the lively atmosphere of its thriving resort, with many family-friendly activities to choose from.

What is the crime rate in Brentwood?

Crime rates in Brentwood range from 0.01 per square kilometer in the city’s central business districts to 0.52 per square kilometer in the south district of Almond Park. The number reflects a rise in crime from 2017 to 2018. A crime increases when it happens more times per square kilometer.

What is the richest area in Los Angeles?

The wealthy neighborhoods in LA are Beverly Park, Hancock Park, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Pacific Palisades, Westwood/Central Garden, Santa Monica Boulevard, Venice.

How much is it to live in Brentwood?

To live a little more comfortably in Brentwood you need a net salary of between $84k to $90k. If you want to earn a little more every month, you can take home between $90k and $93k. If your budget is limited, you can still save a lot and live like a multimillionaire in Brentwood.

How far is Brentwood from Oakland?

The total trip from Oakland to Brentwood is 12.5 miles (20.6 km) if the direct route. The ride takes 40 minutes, covering 8.8 miles (14.2 km), including time in traffic and stops.

What celebrities live in Brentwood?

Justin Bieber (b. 1994)

How far is Brentwood from downtown Los Angeles?

Brentwood, located just over 3 miles from Hollywood and 7 miles from downtown Los Angeles is easily accessible via the Hollywood and Highland or Wilshire and Rodeo ways.

Is Brentwood a safe place to live?

Brentwood is the safest place to live in Los Angeles, says a real estate website, but is a great place to raise kids.

Is Oakley CA Safe?

Oakley prescription glasses have been on sale for decades without safety issues. The most serious issue with Oakley eyewear is their prescription lenses. Like any glasses, glasses with prescription lenses are by their nature less durable than their standard prescription glass counterparts.

Are there 2 brentwoods in California?

There are over 7 million acres protected in California, including all of the national parks – Yosemite and Sequoia – two brentwoods and three coastal redwood forests. The redwoods grow in the north central and northwestern parts of California.

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