How do you use the word flummox in a sentence?

“The word flummox is used both as a noun and an adjectival adjective. It means to confound, confuse, confuse, stupefy, or completely mess up. Flummox (noun): I felt so flummoxed by the new technology.

What does Proximus mean?

Proximus Networks – Networking provider based in France and offers services for consumers, businesses or institutions in France and abroad.

What do you mean by induction?

Induction is a mathematical tool used to find out answers to questions about unknown quantities. You already use induction in your daily life: you use induction every day when determining your salary or deciding on a new appliance for your house. In mathematics, induction is the process of discovering new properties by using a generalization to verify that a statement is true.

Also, how do you use induce in a sentence?

In a sentence, you induce “induce” to mean “stimulate the appetite or hunger.” You use this adjective with the verb be when a hungry dog looks at the food you put out on the table.

What is the synonym of induce?

A synonym of induce is cause. Induce is a verb that means to bring someone or something into being by causing something to happen. It means to stimulate the growth of something by adding something that gives energy. A synonym of induce is grow.

What is the opposite of a curmudgeon?

The opposite of a curmudgeon (or sour grapes) is someone who is not like the person or subject they complain about.

How do you use viscous in a sentence?

Here are three good uses for “viscous” in English. 1) When you’re making a pudding, you add thickener to the liquid (like pudding or gravy) and the product is called a “viscous liquid.” 2) To “viscously coat,” you need to combine thickener with some type of liquid to prevent the product from drying out. 3) “Viscous” describes a condition – as in, “The fluid was too viscous to circulate.”

How do you use petulant in a sentence?

“What is the petulant tone of the letters?? The petulant tone or manner is the tone of a person who is pouting or sulking. This is a tone of complaint or anger. The petulant tone is sometimes used in informal or slang expressions.”

How do you use substantive in a sentence?

Your own sentences are always a combination of one or more substantives. A substantival clause has a subject and a verb. The subject is usually a gerund or verb. The verb refers to a process (eating, breathing, walking, etc.). This combination of ingredients makes the substantive clause.

What is the meaning of Prope?

Propos, also called argument or premise, is the basis for a theory, hypothesis, argument, or proof in an academic research paper.

What is the theory of propinquity?

Propinquity is the principle of similarity at a very close or even intimate level. In a relationship, we tend to choose people who are like those we already know the most and with which we are the most comfortable. People tend to marry people with similar backgrounds or who lived in the same city or country. This is also known as “matching principle”.

How do you use inexorable in a sentence?

Usage: “Inexorable” is an alternative spelling of “inexorable.” If “inexorable” doesn’t fit your description of your life, you can use “inexorable.”

Additionally, how do you use curmudgeon in a sentence?

Example sentences for curmudgeon at I did my best to persuade the curmudgeon to come in, but he would do nothing but complain if he did. And that’s it.

How do you use omnipotent in a sentence?

Example #1. (noun) A person or thing that has a lot of power. Example #1. I think it sounds a lot like omnipotent, except for omnipotent, the verb, means “to be or to remain alive or healthy forever”.

How do you use utopia in a sentence?

Utopia is a word that refers to an ideal place, place, or situation. A utopia is usually used in a sentence to describe the ideal place. In this sense, “Utopias are impossible places.” An utopia exists as a “fictitious paradise” in this instance.

What is the mean of induce?

Definition of induce. : to make someone do something willingly. Example: Her parents induce her to do every chore. Synonyms: “persuade, convince,”

How do they induce?

Anesthetic drugs are injected into the patient’s blood or other tissues. They affect blood vessels causing vasodilation or they relax nerves so they can be injected. In some cases, an incision is made in the skin and the anesthetic is injected through a needle – or a catheter – into the area where the procedure is to be performed.

How can I induce labor at home?

Home. You can try eating garlic or fennel to stimulate contractions. Avoid hot tubs, showers, saunas and baths as they can increase your contractions. Try walking or sitting, if possible, to induce labor. If your contractions are regular and at a steady rate, you should try to eat, you may eat.

Which is the closest antonym for the word induce?

Induced Antonyms: cause, motivate, suggest. Synonyms: persuade, encourage, instruct, stimulate. -cause, -motivate, -suggest/to. To induce is sometimes synonymous with to persuade, encourage, instruct, inspire, or stimulate, particularly when it comes to an argument/dialog.

What is a female curmudgeon called?

A female curmudgeon is called a “curmudgeon-in-law,” but it’s actually a curmudgeoness, according to The American Heritage Dictionary. The term curmudgeon was originally used to describe a scolding person who was so grumpy, stubborn, or rude you could imagine being the mother of a spoiled, bad child.

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