How do you crochet different colors?

Choose a ball of each color of yarn. You will need an equal amount of each color of fiber to make your entire garment. With a second skein of each color, start with the first color, work this row in the same way as the first one, then when the row of first color is finished, work with the second color until you have enough to have worked a row in every color.

Also, can you change yarn in the middle of a row?

Yes. If the work is blocked, you can remove and replace the yarn without affecting the work. Or you can cut your yarn, rejoin it and continue to crochet.

Furthermore, how do you change the color of a crochet hat?

Crochet hats can be colored with DMC and Sirdar Crochet Colours for cotton yarn. Cotton yarn is not as absorbent as wool, and does not need as much dyeing time.

Hereof, can you crochet with two yarns?

If using any two-skein yarn combinations, each half has a different weight and uses different techniques. To crochet with two strands, use the first three strands that come out of the larger-bulked yarn and use it like one strand.

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