How do you clean a funnel after an oil change?

Remove all of the oil from the old filter and clean the screen to ensure that there is no oil and dirt in it. You may also want to remove the gaskets from the car before pouring the new oil in (as mentioned in the introduction).

How do you clean an oil tray?

Use mild detergents and water in a gentle way to clean the oil tray. You can also add bleach, but please don’t use it on rubber moorings.

Consequently, how do you clean a funnel?

First, use a non-soap detergent to clean the inner sides of the funnel holes. Do not use a metal scrubbing pad on the inner surface of the funnel; use an abrasive (usually sandpaper) to scrub any residue.

Additionally, can I use the same funnel for oil and coolant?

Yes, that is the most important point you can make when it comes to coolant and oil. Coolant is much more viscosity resistant, so you need to use a softer, more flexible funnel for it and it isn’t as thick.

Likewise, people ask, how do you clean an oil funnel?

Put paper towels on your work surface and set your funnel on the towels so it is easy to turn it if needed, wipe the funnel off with the paper towels and discard with the paper towels, or place oil in the funnel and start cleaning the metal parts. Continue scrubbing and wiping as necessary until the funnel is absolutely clean.

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