How can I contact POF?

To contact POF: Send an email to the contact email of POF listed in the contact section of your POF account. If you are not able to contact POF directly, follow the instructions below to find the POF email address for your country.

Beside above, does POF show your phone number?

POF does not show your phone number, it may show your name. (The name you submitted to your mobile phone contacts is displayed in the profile search results for that contact).

Why does POF need my phone number?

Well, not enough is not enough. The first step is to create a new Facebook account, since POF may not work on your phone number. I’ve used this tool for more than four years now and don’t know anyone who uses PayOneForLife.

Can POF delete your account?

POF Delete. POF has several functions that limit what can be deleted. POF makes the entire profile deleteable by the user. It’s a feature designed for deleting the entire person in the POF account. This means that accounts created by the member will be deleted when the member leaves the POF website.

Can you search plenty of fish without registering?

Can people search you on Plenty of Fish without registering? No, you don’t need an account to start browsing Plenty of Fish. However, to find someone you are specifically interested in, you need to download our chat app. So for now, you will need an account.

Why can’t I log into my POF account?

You can access your registration account only by giving your email address and password. If you set up an account at any other site you may not be able to access it. If POF is not a part of your account, try the following: Add the POF email account to your email.

Why is POF still not working?

This can be caused by the device being damaged due to a sudden jolt of force. This could indicate the cause of your POF error is that your device is damaged. Most cell phones are very sensitive to touch and a simple touch can easily damage the screen.

Does POF delete inactive?

You can get away of POF and use other dating websites, but it can be extremely inconvenient. The best solution right now is to just join POF again and pay the normal price or wait for it to lapse.

How do I activate video calling on POF?

Video Calling is an available feature on POF. Here’s how it works: After you’ve started a chat with someone on the site, simply click on the blue “Video Call” icon on the bottom right of your screen.

Why can’t I send pics on POF?

You must have an Internet connection (Wi-Fi or Ethernet Cable) to use this feature. Some photos require additional registration with your email provider, such as Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and others. The most common problems include: Not receiving an email notification with “error code 654”.

Did plenty of fish get hacked?

On average, about 75 million swordfish, marlin, sea bass, mahi mahi and halibut get cut by boats and knives every year. And most of them become so entangled in other marine life that they get lost on the boat or at sea before they ever reach a restaurant.

How can you see when someone was last active on POF?

If a person has not signed on POF to contact since the last week or since the last day ago, go to their profile and look at their “last active” page. If the last time they were online was yesterday, just yesterday, you can then send them one of those POF text messages to arrange a date that they know they can meet up with them.

Can I get my POF account back?

Yes, it is possible to reactivate your POF account via your POF email address. You have to use the reactivate my POF account tool. If you can’t find your password, you may need to reset your password. Your new password will be emailed to you.

Can I use POF without a phone number?

How do I find my own POF (Person Of Interest)? If you have a POF without a phone number, you know who has a POF without a phone number and you do not have one. Unfortunately, because of the law, you cannot find out which companies you’re on if you have POF without a phone number.

Does POF have a verification?

There is no standard set of criteria by which a P.O.F. may be recognized by the courts and thus no verification.

How do I delete my POF account on mobile?

To delete POF accounts, go to Settings, Accounts, and click Log In. You will first enter your Facebook or LinkedIn account and then select POF from the account drop-down menu. Next, you can delete your POF account or cancel it.

Also question is, how do you contact POF dating site?

It’s easy to contact POF. Your membership ID and password are on the login page. You can log in at

Where is plenty of fish headquarters?

Many states have fish hatcheries. The biggest one is the Ohio River. Others include the Mississippi River, the Platte River, the Pecos River and the Colorado River.

What does deleted user mean on POF?

Deleted users are those whose data has been permanently lost. Deleting an account does not delete data in the database. Instead, you can recover deleted records in the database. When a user is deleted, the content and properties in the profile folder are deleted in the files directory. This process is also known as archive user.

Secondly, how can I contact POF by phone?

If you choose a prepaid phone number, you can easily switch carriers and get a different phone number at any time by contacting Customer Service and providing your current account number. You will most likely change the date on your account and start a new account with a monthly subscription.

Why do POF messages disappear?

There are many different types of email services. And, if you delete the emails from your inbox, they are not deleted from the service. You still receive the email and you can access to it on your computer once email has been downloaded. However, it never actually leaves the account you used to send it.

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