Can we have two web config files for a Web application?

You can have one web.config file and multiple app.config files. You can also create a web.config file and have multiple app.config files for each. The main difference between the two is that while a web.config file can contain configuration settings for a specific directory or site, a web.config file can contain configuration settings for all the sites under the one domain name.

Is global ASAX mandatory?

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Why are there two web config files in MVC?

If you have an MVC application using ASP.NET WebForms or MVC4 you will have one Web.Config and one App.config. You cannot run both at the same time, only one can run at a time. MVC6 uses ASP.NET Core’s built-in Kestrel server. As such, it has a web.config file to configure the server and the app.config file to store configuration.

How many Web config files an ASP NET application can have?

A web application can use only one web.config file. This file can be in one of two locations: in the Application, VirtualPath must be root of the Web root or in an application specific location. One site can only have one web.config file.

Is it possible to create web application with both webforms and MVC?

A web application can have both a web forms application and a web application. In this case the web application controls the user interface of the web application while the web forms application is an implementation of specific business rules.

How do I create a new transformation in web config?

Open IIS manager and select a configuration that contains the transformation. In the list, click the server name and open the server’s properties and click the Configuration settings tab. Click Web Site / Application Pool and click the Advanced button. Select the Identity/Authentication check box. In the Server Name text box, enter the web site name.

Which files can be used to configure ASP Net Applications?

Files that can be used to configure ASP.NET applications are: – ASPNETDB.MDF,.SDF or.MSCDF files that can be used to save the information – The application is built as a Windows application. The application is built as a Windows application.

Also, can we run a Web application without web config file?

No need to add a web.config file, as it is not necessary, as you run applications that are not web oriented with Apache.

Can we rename web config file in asp net?

We need to rename the web.config in the root of the website and it can be renamed to web.config.xml at the same time for your current settings to be preserved. Or you can start the ASP.NET development process and specify the ASPNETCORE_FILES section of your launchsettings.json file to override the default web.config.

What does the web config file do in the views folder of a MVC project?

A view defines the structure in which the browser displays a site’s information. Most of the data and structure for each screen is stored in a file called a View in the Views folder. Web config files contain configuration information for the server.

Can we override web config key in subfolder?

No. By default, AppHost overrides settings from AppHost. By changing the app or web.config with the configuration file of a default app, you have not removed settings from WebConfig and can’t override WebConfig settings.

In this regard, is it possible to have more than one web config file in an application?

This is possible and can help you to customize behavior under same settings while using different values under different settings.

What is the web config file in asp net?

Web.config file contains XML configuration settings for Internet Information Services (IIS), the Microsoft ASP.NET runtime, and the Microsoft SQL Server. The web.config file contains these settings for security settings, routing rules, and global settings for configuration.

How do I open web config?

and add the config key. For example: To include the site settings and authentication values, use the appSettingSection directive and reference the appSettings section from the Web.config file: If you change something in the Web.config file, you have to update it everywhere: The web.config is included in each page. So make sure you modify the web.config file in the correct location.

Beside above, how many Web config files can I have in an application?

3 Answers.

What is a PostBack in asp net?

A postback is a method of posting data back to your web page. A postback occurs when the HTML document for your page is reloaded, either for a variety of reasons, such as when a link is clicked, or your ASP.NET application itself has a request.

Is Web config mandatory?

Is The web.config file a necessary element for an MVC application?Answer : The web.config is not strictly necessary for running the website with MVC (Model View Controller). In most cases it is automatically generated but if something in your project is not recognized to be correct you may want to create or update the web.config file instead of building it again.

What is protected configuration?

Protected Configuration is an XML file that protects sensitive information found on customer endpoints such as passwords, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and other sensitive information. The goal of the protected configuration is to be a backup of the master security configuration.

What is Web debug config?

Web debugging is a way to connect your HTML file to the internet and see the HTML markup and CSS applied to your website. Web debugging requires additional resources for a web server, which can increase the cost of a project.

How does web config transform work?

Web.config transforms are a web.config feature that can be used in conjunction with the Web Deploy release functionality. Web.config transformations allow you to perform updates to file-based web.config settings without needing to update a project’s source code.

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